Investor Relations

​​We believe, “There are those with taste and no scale, and those with scale and no taste,” and the idea of scaling taste is large and far reaching.

Our goal to position Addison Jones as the arbiter of taste for the home, has proven to be both disruptive and lucrative, as we continue our quest to build one of the most admired brands in the world.

Our brand attracts the leading designers, artisans, and manufacturers, scaling and rendering their work more valuable across our integrated platform, enabling Addison Jones to curate the most compelling collection of luxury home products on the planet.

Our efforts to elevate and expand our collection will continue with the introductions of Addison Jones Contemporary,A ddison Jones Couture, Addison Jones Bespoke, Addison Jones Color, Addison Jones Antiques & Artifacts, Addison Jones Atelier and other new     collections scheduled to launch over the next decade. 

Our plan to open immersive Design Galleries in every major market will unlock the value of our vast assortment, generating revenues of $5 to $6 billion in North America, and $20 to $25 billion globally.

Our strategy is to move the brand beyond curating and selling products to conceptualizing and selling spaces, by building an ecosystem of products, places, services and spaces that establish the Addison Jones brand as a global thought leader, taste and place maker.

Our products are elevated and rendered more valuable by our architecturally inspiring Galleries which are further elevated and rendered more valuable by our interior design services and seamlessly integrated hospitality experience.



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